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Yoshiwara Rose - Episode 1

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Yoshiwara Rose

Yoshiwara Rose

Publish: 2017-10-15 06:19:57
Japanese Name: 花魁道中
Description: opiumud-018 will open a new series . This is a ancient costume story. But the time is actually parallel to the world. it’s just like 银魂(Gintama)‘s time setting. Since Honoka in Striptease club has been recognized by many people. I thought about making Striptease club as a series movie. But the story of a separate club seems too no connotation. so I wrote a very complicated script. This is a script of the trilogy . So this is the first chapter of the trilogy. The next two chapters will slowly spread out the story.
Size: 432.73 MB
Last Updated: 2017-10-15 06:19:57
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